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Whippet General Appearance:

The Whippet is a medium-sized, slender breed belonging to the hound group. Whippets may look like a smaller version of the English Greyhound — because that’s what they are! They share many of the same traits, including an elegant and symmetrical build. They have a long, streamlined body with powerful thighs and a pointed tail. Whippets have a smooth, short coat that can be a variety of colors, and the coat is either solid or spotted and marked.

Whippet Temperament:

Whippets are known for their speed and, while they have bursts of energy, they are truly a relaxed breed. As long as they get adequate exercise (preferably long rounds of fetch in the yard!), they will be a great couch companion. Whippets are sweet, intelligent, and very loyal to their family, but their reservation for strangers also make them a skillful watchdog. Whippet dogs get along with children as long as they are treated gently — they are known for being sensitive both mentally and physically.

Whippet Fun Fact:

Whippets can run up to 35 mph!