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Weimaraner General Appearance:

The Weimaraner is a slender, medium-sized dog with long, muscular legs. Paired with a long head and strong muzzle, their sleek body gives an impression of elegant athleticism. Weimaraners have a short, fine, smooth coat that is always a shade of grey. They have pendant-shaped ears, and their eyes can be amber, grey, or blue-grey. The Weimaraner has a deep chest, docked tail, and webbed feet — the latter makes them great swimmers!

Weimaraner Temperament:

Weimaraners are an intelligent, independent, and energetic breed, and they require a firm, experienced trainer. They are protective and loyal to their family, and they make excellent guard dogs when properly trained. Proper training is crucial since they have a tendency to be wary of strangers, other dogs, and even smaller animals. They have been known to chase and even kill smaller animals, such as cats, that come into their territory. Weimaraners like to bark and, given their size and energy level, may be best suited for a family with older children that can learn how to handle the dog.

Weimaraner Fun Fact:

Because of their consistent gray coloring, Weimaraners have been called the gray ghost!

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