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Toy Fox Terrier General Appearance:

Toy Fox Terriers are small, athletic, well-proportioned dogs with an average weight of only 3 to 7 pounds! They belong in the toy group, and have slightly rounded heads, flat cheeks, and round, expressive eyes. The V-shaped ears on a Toy Fox Terrier are high-set and stand erect. They have small feet, and the agile dogs are usually as tall as they are long. Toy Fox Terriers have a fine, short, shiny coat, and their coloring is usually as follows: a black or chocolate brown-colored head with tan markings on the cheeks, lips, and around the eyes; their coat on the body is mostly white with some black spots.

Toy Fox Terrier Temperament:

Known for their intelligence, this amiable breed is eager to please their family and can easily adapt to their surroundings. Toy Fox Terrier dogs are active and playful from puppyhood throughout their lives. Their terrier heritage, mixed with their toy dog grouping, gives them a balanced personality. They have hunting instincts from their terrier side, but also a more gentle disposition from their toy side.

They are extremely loyal to their families and love being around people, and while they are wary of strangers at first, they warm up with time. Their animated personality and adaptability make them great companions for all dog lovers!

Toy Fox Terrier Fun Fact:

Small and agile, Toy Fox Terriers are great at performing tricks. They have been known to jump to great heights, climb ladders, jump rope, and even climb trees when hunting!