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Tibetan Mastiff General Appearance:

It only takes a glance at the Tibetan Mastiff to see that they are an exceptionally powerful breed. The magic word when it comes to describing the Tibetan Mastiff is heavy. They have a heavy head, a heavy mane, a heavy coat — overall, they are just a great, big breed. Along with the signature characteristics of their broad head and lion-esque mane, Tibetan Mastiffs have a fierce instinct to protect. Tibetan Mastiffs have a thick double coat made up of a coarse outer coat and a soft undercoat. They have some wrinkling on their face, and almond-shaped, brown eyes, which give them an intelligent, alert appearance. The Tibetan Mastiff breed has a muscular back and high-set tail, which is well feathered and curls over their back. Coloring on a Tibetan Mastiff can be black, blue, gray, or brown, and they often have tan or gold markings and shades throughout their body. White markings on the chest and feet are common as well.

Tibetan Mastiff Temperament:

The Tibetan Mastiff is a fierce guard dog. They have a unique temperament in that they are intimidating and strong, yet also gentle toward their family members. This breed has served as night watchmen for centuries since their origin in Tibet. Their long history of acting as fierce protectors make the Tibetan Mastiff territorial, independent, and constantly alert and ready to guard their family.

The innate need to protect means that a Tibetan Mastiff must be socialized early on so that they can learn to get along with outsiders. Although they are a fierce breed and can cause serious harm to anything that threatens their family, they are also known to be calm and especially gentle with children. The Tibet Mastiff is skilled in deciphering genuine threats, and when their family is safe, they are a sweet and gentle dog.

Tibetan Mastiff Fun Fact:

Tibetans believe that Tibetan Mastiffs have the souls of monks or nuns who either didn’t make it to Shambhala (the heavenly realm) or weren’t reincarnated into another human.

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