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Schipperke General Appearance:

Pronounced “Skipper Key,” the Schipperke dog breed is a small spitz breed, although there has been some debate as to whether they are a spitz or sheepdog. Standing at a petite 13 inches from the withers, the Schipperke weighs between seven to 19 pounds. Schipperke puppies are born with tails of different lengths, which has the typical spitz curl. The Schipperke has a soft, downy undercoat, with a coarse and long outer coat. The Schipperke is recognizable by a distinctive ruff of fur around their neck. They’re either black or blonde, with a foxlike face.

Schipperke Temperament:

The Schipperke is nicknamed the “Tasmanian black devil” due to their mischievous and unruly nature. They may not listen to their owners, and need a lot of exercise to keep them calm! With proper socialisation and training at a young age, they can be loving and obedient dogs — despite their rebellious streak.

Schipperke Fun Fact:

During the Nazi occupation of Belgium during World War II, Belgian Resistance fighters used Schipperke dogs to deliver messages to other resistance cells.