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Puli General Appearance:

The Puli is immediately recognizable by a coat that closely resembles the head of a mop. The thick, shaggy coat is gently matted to resemble rope-like cords, and they need considerable grooming to keep their fur clean and manageable. The Puli’s coat is virtually waterproof, and they enjoy swimming as a result. Their coat is usually black or white, and it makes the Puli look much larger than they really are. In fact, the width of the coat across the back can be three times wider than the actual dog! Underneath all of those shaggy strands, Pulis weigh around 30 pounds and stand at 17 inches from the withers.

Puli Temperament:

The Puli is intelligent and active, and they need an exercise regime that can keep up with them. They’re best suited for homes with an outdoor area to run around in. The Puli is an affectionate breed who adores their owner, but they can hold a grudge if they don’t get their way! Known as a mischievous breed, the Puli needs a stiff workout to burn off their pent-up energy!

Puli Fun Fact:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a pet Puli named Beast!