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Pomeranian Appearance

The lively, eccentric Pomeranian! The golden puffer fish of dogs is one of America’s most popular dog breeds — and with the likes of Boo the Pomeranian lighting up social media, we can’t blame you!

The standard appearance of a Pommie is a small breed, known for being a Velcro dog. The Pomeranian is famous for being fluffy, and it also exhibits many traits of a Spitz dog — including a double coat, a curled tail, and a foxy face.

Pomeranian colors cover nearly every spectrum of the rainbow. From white to orange and blue to black — there’s almost every color variation when it comes to Pommy! The adaptability of the Pomeranian color has made them a sought-after breeding dog for designer dogs. The Pomeranian Husky mix has become a coveted designer dog, along with the Teddy Bear Pomeranian.

The Teddy Bear Pomeranian is still an AKC registered dog, but has slightly different facial features from the fox-like aesthetic of the traditional Pomeranian.

Despite the long-haired Pomeranian coat, a Pommy is a moderate shedders and only requires light grooming twice a week.

Pomeranian puppies weigh two pounds, and they grow between four and seven pounds.

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Pomeranian Temperament:

Pomeranians are friendly, playful dogs that love to be the center of attention! They can be aggressive toward other dogs, and they tend to bark at changes in their environment. Pomeranian puppies will need to be trained and socialized in order to develop good habits, but it'll be worth it — a Pommy makes a great companion!

Pomeranian Fun Fact:

Pomeranians were bred to be small. The original Pomeranian weighed 30 pounds more and had a job pulling sleds! The Pommy is also one of the dog breeds that are closest in relation to wolves!