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Pekingese General Appearance:

The Pekingese is an ancient toy breed of dog, weighing between 7 and 14 pounds. They have a very long coat and a flat, squishy face. It can be hard to see the short legs of a Pekingese because of their trademark coat, which can leave them resembling Cousin It from the Adam’s Family! To keep up with that floor length hair, regular grooming is a must for your Pekingese. Without daily brushing, the hair can become a matted mess. They’re also heavy shedders, so except your Pekingese to shed A LOT. Most Pekingese have a gold, red or sable coat, although some rarer Pekingese dogs have a cream, black, white, sable, or black and tan coat. The Pekingese has short, heavy bones and

Pekingese Temperament:

The Pekingese is a regal and stubborn dog who is devoted to their owner and requires ample affection. However, the Pekingese can become aggressive unless they are well socialized.

Pekingese Fun Fact:

The Pekingese breed were favored by Chinese royalty and Buddhist monks.