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Papillon General Appearance:

The Papillon is a small dog from the spaniel family. Weighing in at a slight 7 to 10 pounds, they’re easily recognized by big fringed ears, which have the appearance of butterfly wings. The lips, eye-rims and nose are black, but their coats can come in any combination of white, lemon, fawn, brown, sable, red, liver or black. The Papillion has a single coat which is long and silky. The coat is easy to care for, with a regular amount of shedding. Papillon dog breeds have small and expressive dark eyes, and a fox-like muzzle.

Papillon Temperament:

The Papillon is a happy and energetic companion dog, although they can be reserved around strangers. Papillon puppies are likely to be intelligent and curious. Keep them occupied with mental stimulation in addition to regular exercize.

Papillon Fun Fact:

Papillon is French for “butterfly.” This dog was named after a butterfly due to the shape of their large ears!