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Otterhound General Appearance:

The Otterhound is a large dog with a wiry and rough coat. They weigh between 64 and 100 pounds, and stand at 27 inches from the withers. The color of the coat can be black, liver and tan, blue and cream, grey, black and tan, and wheaten. The Otterhound has a large and imposing head, with long, shaggy ears and hair that often grows over their eyes. They have an open and amiable expression, communicated by deep set dark eyes. Eye rims, lips, and the nose is either black, slate or liver colored. The Otterhound is a powerful scent dog, and as a result they have extremely sensitive noses.

The Otterhound has strong and muscular shoulders as a hunting dog, and arched paws with thick paw pads which allows them to travel through rough terrain for long periods of time.

Otterhound Temperament:

Bred as a hunting dog, Otterhounds need a lot of exercise and are very strong. They’re affectionate and cheerful, but extremely rare. There are only 600 Otterhounds in the world.

Otterhound Fun Fact:

There are more Giant Pandas in the world than Otterhounds.