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Norfolk Terrier General Appearance:

These small, compact dogs weigh between 11 to 12 pounds and stand between 9 to 10 inches. The Norfolk Terrier has a wire-haired, weather-resistant coat that can be any shade of red, wheaten, black and tan, or grizzle.

The Norfolk Terrier has short legs due to their history as a digging terrier. Their ears are dropped, small, and carried close to the cheek.

Norfolk Terrier Temperament:

Despite their small stature, Norfolk Terriers are fearless, independent dogs that love to be around people. In fact, they should not live outside — they need plenty of human contact. This pup loves people,children, and being part of a pack. As long as you introduce your Norfolk Terrier puppy to other animals early on, they can live well with other animals.

The Norfolk Terrier has a strong prey drive. As natural hunters, you may occasionally discover that your pup has brought you some small vermin! This trait is leftover from their days as barn dogs and ratters.

Norfolk Terrier Fun Fact:

The Norfolk Terrier is distinct from the Norwich Terrier, although they were once classified as two varieties of the same breed.

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