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Newfoundland General Appearance:

The Newfoundland dog, also called a Newf or Newfie, is a large, water-loving breed which can weigh between 119 to 150 pounds and stand between 26 and 28 inches tall. They have webbed feet and a water-resistant coat, which makes them popular picks for water rescue and lifesaving roles! These dogs have big bones, heavy muscles, and the lung capacity to swim long distances. But watch out — they’re known for drooling due to their droopy jowls!

Newfoundland dogs have a distinct double coat; the outer coat is coarse and long, while the undercoat is soft and dense. The Newfoundland dog’s coat color can be black, brown, grey, and white-and-black (also called the Landseer Newfoundland).

Newfoundland Temperament:

Ask any Newfie owner about their dog’s temperament, and they’ll sing the praises of these gentle giants. Newfoundland dogs are renowned for their calm, sweet nature. They’re great with children, and they’re easily trainable. Your Newfoundland dog should be socialized as a pup, but don’t worry about having to chase them around — this breed is a total couch potato. In fact, despite their size, they can be great apartment dogs!

You’ll have to spend some time taking care of your Newfoundland dog’s coat, which requires regular maintenance. If you’re willing to dedicate some grooming time to your Newfie, they will reward you with years of happy companionship.

Newfoundland Fun Fact:

Nana, the children’s caretaker in Peter Pan, was a Newfie!

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