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Labrador Retriever General Appearance:

The Labrador Retriever, also called a lab dog, is a medium-sized dog with an overall athletic build. Their coats are straight, short, and dense, and relatively waterproof due to their interwoven hairs. Chocolate labs are just one coat color variation — they can also be yellow and black.

Lab dogs are wide-chested and have powerful jaws, clean-cut heads, and medium-length muzzles. Their ears are low and floppy. Labrador Retrievers are distinguished by a unique, rounded tail that is often described as otter-like.

Labrador Retriever Temperament:

A Labrador’s temperament is almost as well-known as its distinct appearance. Lab dogs are kind, gentle, and outgoing, which makes them an ideal choice for families with children and other animals. But before you get a basket of Labrador puppies, make sure you have some activities in mind — these dogs are highly active and intelligent, and they demand plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Labrador puppies will need to be trained early on in order to manage their endless energy and enthusiasm. These pups enjoy playing fetch, and they enjoy holding objects in their mouths due to their history as retrieving gun dogs.

Your future Labrador will have a legendary appetite — this breed is especially known for eating anything, whether or not it’s really food! Owners will need to closely monitor their dog’s food intake in order to prevent obesity. Fortunately, Labradors are not known for barking — they’re easygoing and tend to trust strangers. This pup wouldn’t make a great guard dog, but they make great companions!

Labrador Retriever Fun Fact:

Labrador Retrievers are so gentle that they can actually carry an egg in their mouth without breaking the shell!