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Komondor General Appearance:

The Komondor is a mature dog with a loyal, dignified presence. They are very easily recognized by their unique white cord coat. Komondor dogs have large heads with triangle ears, and their medium-sized eyes are dark brown in color and almond shaped. The Komondor breed has large feet to support their imposing, muscular body. Their soft, woolly undercoat lies beneath a coarse outer coat, and the combination forms tassel-like cords which resemble felt. Their corded coat is always white.

Komondor Temperament:

A brave, protective, and loyal breed, the Komondor is extremely protective of their family. Komondor puppies are very independent, and they can be stubborn or domineering if they aren’t trained and socialized at a young age. The Komondor is very much a guardian breed, and can behave aggressively toward strangers, other dogs — or anything else that could pose a threat to their loved ones.

Komondor Fun Fact:

The Komondor has such strong protective instincts because they were bred to guard livestock!