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Keeshond General Appearance:

The Keeshond is a well-proportioned dog with a square build. Their head is wedge-shaped and has a clear stop. They have black markings around the eyes, called spectacles, Which add a fox-like alertness to the Keeshond. Their triangular ears are small and carried erect. They have a strong, compact body, but a long, feathered tail that lies tightly curled over the back. Coloration on the Keeshond breed’s coat can vary in shades of black, cream, and gray.

Keeshond Temperament:

The Keeshond is an intelligent, outgoing, and friendly breed that loves to be active! They learn quickly, so training Keeshond puppies can be relatively easy as long as the owner is consistent. A Keeshond dog makes an excellent pet because they are great with children, and usually get along with other pets as well. They are an extremely affectionate breed and need human companionship to live a happy life.

Keeshond Fun Fact:

One rather unique characteristic of the Keeshond is that they have a habit of spinning in circles when excited!