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Irish Wolfhound Appearance

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed, even taller than a Great Dane. They are very powerful and fast, and they’re known for their excellent eyesight. They are muscular, but are also extremely graceful, like the Greyhound. The coloring of their coarse coat can be black, white, grey, fawn, and brindle.

Irish Wolfhound Temperament

Irish Wolfhounds are sweet, patient, and intelligent. They are generally introverted and reserved. They are great family dogs and have a tendency to bond rather quickly, but should not be left alone for any long periods of time. Lonely Irish Wolfhounds can become destructive and sad.

They are also known to bond with other pets within the family and more than one family member. They are not aggressive or territorial, but they can roughhouse when they’re in a playful mood. They are easy to train and gentle with children, though they probably shouldn’t play with small children due to their size and strength.

Irish Wolfhound Fun Fact

Irish Wolfhounds nearly went extinct in the 19th century. They were brought back in larger numbers thanks the breeder Captain George Augustus Graham.