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Irish Terrier Appearance

Irish Terriers are extremely active, agile, and compact in size. They are well suited for both country and city life. Their coarse coats, known for their deep red color, provide excellent protection from harsh weather elements. Although the American Kennel Club states that white is allowed on the chest area, there should not be any white elsewhere.

Even though Irish Terriers resemble the Schnauzer, their coats aren’t wiry. They have longer hair on their legs and should be trimmed quite often.

Irish Terrier Temperament

These dogs are highly active and enjoy exercise. They are great with people and are extremely loyal, but must have a strong, responsible leader to keep them under control. Irish Terriers are excellent with children and can be easily trained with toys or food. They crave long walks, which they’ll expect more than once a day. As with any breed of dog, they should be trained properly — and never with anger.

Irish Terrier Fun Fact

Irish Terriers might not look like war dogs, but they served in World War I by delivering messages.