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Greyhound Appearance

Greyhounds are tall and slender, which makes them built for speed. Their chest, back, and legs are lean and muscular. Their heads are long and tapered, and their eyes are dark. Their famous tail sits low on their flanks with a slight upward curve at the tip. Their coats are short. There are around 30 different variations of colors, including white,fawn, brindle, and blue/gray.

Greyhound Temperament

Greyhounds are gentle, intelligent, affectionate dogs who love companionship. Despite their size, their easygoing nature makes them better apartment dogs than some small dog breeds. They are extremely even tempered and athletic, and they rarely bark. They are the happiest in a quiet environment, and can live with children if they treat the dog gently. Whether they get along with smaller dogs and/or cats varies; those with other pets should perform a test run first, or talk with the owner/breeder for further information.

Greyhound Fun Fact

The Greyhound is the only breed of dog mentioned by name in the Bible.