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Gordon Setter General Appearance

The Gordon Setter is a friendly-looking dog that is easily recognized by their silky, slightly wavy, black and tan-colored coat. Gordon Setters have a firm build, bright eyes, narrow head, broad nose, low-set ears, and short (but not docked) tail. The Gordon Setter has a heavier build and thicker coat than other setters. They stand 23 to 27 inches tall and weigh 45 to 80 pounds.

Gordon Setter Temperament

Gordon Setters are intelligent, loyal, confident, and adaptable. Because they were bred as bird hunters, they need plenty of daily exercise. If Gordon Setters don't have an enclosed area to run around, they require multiple walks per day.

Gordon Setters are patient and intensely loyal; if they're separated from their family, they can suffer from separation anxiety! This breed is eager to learn, but they can also be stubborn! The Gordon Setter needs firm but gentle handling to keep their naturally boisterous demeanor in check.

Gordon Setter Fun Fact

Gordon Setters were bred to withstand the cold, wet climate of their Scottish homeland. They're also a distinct breed (not just color) from the English and Irish Setters.