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Finnish Spitz General Appearance

The Finnish Spitz's red furry coat and narrow face give them a foxlike appearance. They have a medium-sized, square build, almond-shaped eyes, small, erect, triangular ears, a pointed muzzle, a double coat, and a plumed tail that curves over the back.

This spitz breed weighs 23 to 36 pounds and stands 15 to 20 inches tall. As is typical of Arctic dog breeds, the Finnish Spitz is genetically similar to the gray wolf — which means they are keen hunters in the snowy, cold climate of high-latitude Finland.

Finnish Spitz Temperament

The Finnish Spitz is a friendly, energetic outdoor dog. Because they need one or two long walks a day, they're better suited for a home with immediate access to a yard or outdoor trails. Finnish Spitzes are always ready to play, but they'll walk away if they're ignored. This breed is known for their distinctive bark — so be prepared for this "talkative" breed to alert you of any abnormal activity in or around your home.

Finnish Spitz Fun Fact

The Finnish Spitz is Finland's national dog. Their thick coat and impressive agility make them keen hunters for tracking down rodents, squirrels, elk, and even bears!

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