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Dachshund General Appearance:

Dachshunds come in a variety of sizes, coats, and colors, but their distinctive build is always the same. Low to the ground, with short legs and a long body, their muscular, stubby legs and large front paws are ideal for extreme digging. Dachshunds are well-balanced and move with a smooth, fluid stride. There are two size variations: standard size or miniature Dachshund. Both sizes were bred as hunting dogs and their respective features support these skills. The Dachshund’s skin is pliable and tight enough to allow them to squeeze through tight spaces to chase prey. Their strong breastbone and deep chest provide increased lung capacity when hunting prey below ground. Dachshunds have a long snout with a strong nose and tongue that heighten their sense of smell. These traits give Dachshunds an advantage over other breeds as a trailing dog. Dachshunds have three coat varieties: smooth, longhaired, and wirehaired. The smooth coat is short and shiny, longhair is sleek and slightly wavy, and wirehair is a combination of a short, rough coat with the facial areas having longer fur. The wirehaired Dachshund is more often found in Germany, where the breed originated more than 300 years ago to hunt badgers. Their name is a combination of German words dachs, which translates to badger, and hund, which translates to dog.

Dachshunds have varied colored coats that range from red, black, chocolate, cream, wild boar, gray, and fawn. These colors can appear solid or in patterns that include two-colored, brindle, and dappled. The Dachshund has medium size, almond shaped eyes that are rimmed in black. Dachshunds’ medium length, rounded ears are set near the top of the head.

Dachshund Temperament:

The Dachshund breed is known for their great sense of humor, energetic personality, and strong loyalty to their owners. They not only enjoy playing, they require it. Their curious, stubborn nature will lead them to act out if they’re left alone too often.

Dachshund Fun Fact:

“Waldi” the Dachshund was the first official mascot of the Olympic Games. He was created for the 1972 Munich Summer Games.