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Chinese Crested Dog General Appearance:

Chinese Crested Dogs are small, standing between 11 to 13 inches and weighing between 10 to 13 pounds. This breed is slender and fine-boned, with alert, almond-shaped eyes and large, erect ears. While you may be more familiar with the famous hairless variety, the Chinese Crested Dog can be born with fur (the Powderpuff) or without fur (the Hairless).

The Hairless variety has soft skin with tufts of fur on their paws, tail, and head, while the Powderpuff variety has a long, soft, double coat. Both varieties can occur in the same litter! The Chinese Crested Dog’s coat can be any range of colors.

Chinese Crested Dog Temperament:

Chinese Crested Dogs are affectionate, lively, and lovely, which makes them excellent companions around the house. They require some exercise, but these dogs are happy enough cuddling up with their humans on the couch!

Chinese Cresteds used to work on Chinese ships as ratters, which means that you might find your pup chasing bugs or mice. Their alert and curious nature also makes them playful pups that enjoy all your attention — just make sure you coat the Hairless variety with sunscreen in the summer!

Chinese Crested Dog Fun Fact:

A Chinese Crested Dog named Sam was the winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog contest from 2003 to 2005!

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