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Bullmastiff General Appearance:

The Bullmastiff is a large, solid dog with a short, dark muzzle. Males stand between 25 and 27 inches and weigh between 110 to 130 pounds. Females are 24 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 90 to 120 pounds.

The Bullmastiff’s short, dense coat may be fawn, red, or brindle, and may have white markings on the chest. They don’t require much grooming. Their body is compact, with a wide, deep chest ending in a high, strong tail.

Bullmastiff Temperament:

Known as a quiet breed, a Bullmastiff rarely barks. These dogs are strong and powerful, and they’re natural protectors of their home and humans. Plan on providing plenty of gentle training and socialization to your Bullmastiff puppies.

The Bullmastiff is a somewhat active breed. They’re calm and low-key, and they love dog sports and long walks as much as they enjoy lounging around on the couch! This breed is unique because they don’t enjoy repeating the same actions over and over again — you’ll need to be creative with tricks you teach them. But all that time and attention is worth it: Bullmastiffs are sensitive, loyal dogs that will love being wherever you are!

Bullmastiff Fun Fact:

In the Rocky series, Sylvester Stallone’s character owns a Bullmastiff named Butkus. Stallone owned Butkus in real life!

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