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Brittany Spaniel General Appearance

The Brittany is an athletic, muscular breed which is part of the sporting group. They have a strong, compact build and are medium in size. Brittany dogs have short, triangular ears which lay flat against their head. Their face is bright and they have highly expressive eyebrows, which give them an inquisitive and interested look.

Brittany Spaniels have a strong, long-legged frame, and they move with vigorous agility. Their naturally short tail is usually docked to a length of four inches. The Brittany’s coat is dense and can be flat or wavy, with light feathering on the legs and ears. The coloration of a Brittany breed coat is usually orange and white or liver and white in clear or roan patterns. Freckles are common in Brittanys, and some display a tricolor pattern.

Brittany Spaniel Temperament

The Brittany Spaniel is quick-moving, curious, and naturally eager to please. They make a great pet, but daily exercise is crucial to their well-being. They love to run, hunt, and play, and especially enjoy roaming in open areas with other dogs. They are an obedient breed and rather easy to train, but be careful not to punish or reprimand too harshly, or they may become fearful. Brittanys are sociable by nature and get along very well with other dogs and children.

Brittany Spaniel Fun Fact

The Brittany Spaniel consistently ranks as one of the top 30 dog breeds of the American Kennel Club. Their instinct to please their owner makes them valuable as show dogs, as well as hunting dogs and lifelong companions!

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