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Briard General Appearance

The Briard is a strong, powerful breed in the herding group. They display the strength and agility that is required of herding dogs, and they do so with a confident presence. Briards have a rectangular-shaped head, which is fairly long and moderate in width. Their large eyes are level, set far apart, and either dark brown or black in color.

The Briard’s ears are thick and high-set. Some Briard breeders choose to crop them. They have a wide muzzle complete with a moustache and beard, and a black, square-shaped nose. Briards have strong necks, which lead into a slightly slanted topline and proportionate chest. The Briard has a tight-fitting, fine undercoat and coarse, long outer coat. The coat coloration in Briards can be most any color other than white.

Briard Temperament

The Briard is protective by nature and makes a great guard dog. However, due to their strong, innate urge to protect their family, they can be standoffish with strangers and should be introduced to new people or animals with care. It’s essential to socialize Briard puppies at a young age so that they don’t fall into the habit of being wary of all strangers.

Briards are an extremely loving, intelligent, and independent breed, and they possess an excellent memory. Your loyal and faithful Briard will serve as a great protector and an even better friend!

Briard Fun Fact

While serving as a minister in France, Thomas Jefferson learned about the intelligent Briard, and he loved them so much that he brought one to America with him. He named his Briard Buzzy, and en route to America, Buzzy gave birth to two pups. Thus started Jefferson’s Briard breeding business, and the history of how a US president was credited with bringing the Briard to America!

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