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Border Terrier General Appearance

The Border Terrier is a highly active, medium-sized dog with a muscular build that suggests speed and agility. They have long legs, but narrow shoulders, body, and hindquarters. The Border Terrier has a flat, broad head and small, wide-set ears. Their medium-sized, keen eyes are set far apart, and are normally dark hazel in color. As with many working dog breeds, the Border Terrier has a look of fearless determination and appears alert at all times. Border Terriers have a strong bite and dark-colored muzzle. The undercoat on a Border-Terrier is dense and short, but protected by a wiry, close-fitting outer coat. Coloration on a Border Terrier can be red, blue and tan, grizzle and tan, or wheaten.

Border Terrier Temperament

Border-Terriers have long been bred to work with other dogs, so they are a sociable breed who love to be around their humans, dogs, and cats. However, if your family owns a rodent, such as a gerbil, be sure to keep it in its cage when your Border Terrier is around. They were bred to hunt rodents, and their instincts may take over if they see an opportunity to hunt!

Border Terriers do especially well with children, and while they are active enough to entertain kids, they are not so high-energy that they will annoy adults. Like most Terriers, the Border Terrier is a digger and isn’t afraid to show their personality through a bark!

Border Terrier Fun Fact

Border Terriers are fast enough to follow a horse, but small enough to chase a fox!

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