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Border Collie General Appearance

The Border Collie is a medium-sized herding dog with a strong body and athletic appearance. Their muscular build, compounded with an effortless movement, gives the appearance of endless endurance.

The Border Collie has a well-proportioned head and a muzzle that is tapered towards the nose. Their eyes are wide set, oval shaped, and usually brown in color, but blue eyes in merle dogs is not uncommon. The Border Collie’s ears are carried erect or semi-erect. It is common to see one ear erect while the other is semi-erect, which enhances their intelligent, yet curious expression.

The Border-Collie has a substantially muscular body, yet moves with graceful fluidity. A Border-Collie’s tail is both set and carried low. The topcoat can be either rough or smooth, but is always coarse and weather resistant, with a soft and dense undercoat. Color variation in Border Collies can include solid, bicolor, tricolor, sable, and merle coloring.

Border Collie Temperament

The Border Collie is an extremely intelligent, working dog who enjoys herding of any kind. Because of their extreme energy and desire to work, if they are left indoors or don’t have enough mental and physical stimulation, they will become restless. They are highly energetic, easily trained, and very responsive to commands.

The Border-Collie has an alert expression, and their agile movement is a key characteristic of the breed. Border-Collies are protective of their family and affectionate toward those they are comfortable around, but can be standoffish to strangers. Their herding stare can be intimidating for other pets, and while Border Collies have a reputation for having trouble with small animals, they usually get along well with other dogs.

Border Collie Fun Fact

We weren’t kidding when we said that Border Collies are intelligent. In fact, they are ranked as the number one smartest dog breed!

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