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Bloodhound General Appearance

The Bloodhound is one of the oldest and most well-known dog breeds in history. Bloodhounds are a part of the Sagaces canine group, which means they are bred to hunt by scent, usually in packs. Bloodhounds have the most acute sense of smell of any canine.

Their most prominent physical features are their long, low-set, soft ears and wrinkled face. They have a narrow, long head which tapers from the temples to the end of the muzzle. Bloodhounds have deep-set, diamond shaped eyes with the bottoms sunk down by heavy flews. The eye color can range from yellow to deep brown. A Bloodhound’s skin is so loose that their head and neck hangs with deep folds, and their face appears wrinkled. The Bloodhound’s long, muscular neck leads into a sturdy body and a long, high-set, curved tail. The Bloodhound’s short coat can be red, black and tan, or liver and tan.

Bloodhound Temperament

The Bloodhound is an affectionate, intelligent, and curious breed. The Bloodhound breed has been a working dog used for tracking for hundreds of years, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Bloodhound puppies are high energy and require lots of activity. They can be stubborn, and it’s imperative for the owner to be firm, yet gentle in training. A Bloodhound should always be leashed when walking, as they are prone to chasing interesting scents.

Bloodhound Fun Fact

All dogs have a sense of smell which is about 40 times greater than a human’s, but Bloodhounds have an olfactory sense with nearly 300 million receptors! Bloodhounds can track a scent from only one or two skin cells.

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