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Black Russian Terrier General Appearance

The Black Russian Terrier is a large and powerful breed known for their courage, strength, and agility. They have a large, square-shaped head with black-rimmed, medium-sized oval eyes. The Black Russian Terrier has a black nose and small, triangular ears, which are set high. Their large, block-shaped head leads into a thick, powerful neck, which is connected to their muscular, level back.

The Black Russian Terrier breed has sturdy shoulders, straight and strong forelegs, and large, round feet. Their hind legs are set wider than the forelegs and feature muscular thighs. The undercoat on a Black Russian Terrier is soft and thick, while the topcoat is coarse and tousled.

Black Russian Terrier Temperament

The Black Russian Terrier is a robust, balanced, and agile breed. They are stable and reliable, and they are inherently guard dogs with a strong instinct to protect. As a loyal, intelligent, and friendly breed, the Black Russian Terrier will be loving toward their family, but tend to be reserved around strangers. However, they are friendly and good for families as long as they are socialized early on.

Responsible Black Russian Terrier breeders encourage an air of self-assurance, stability, and courage. Black Russian Terriers are highly affectionate and require plenty of daily exercise, as well as human contact. Adult males won’t get along with other dominant dogs, but can live with other non-dominant dogs and pets.

Black Russian Terrier Fun Fact

Russian Black Terriers have great memories! This makes them very easy to train as puppies, yet almost impossible to retrain. Keep in mind that if you let your Black Russian Terrier puppy jump up on the furniture, you’ll also have a 150 pound, full grown Russian Black Terrier on your couch in a few years.

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