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Bedlington Terrier Appearance

The Bedlington Terrier's instantly recognizable, lamblike coat comes from a unique combination of a soft and coarse hair. The curly coat is difficult to maintain, and usually requires help from a professional groomer. Bedingtons are most famously white, but can also be blue, sandy, liver, or a combination of those colors. Darker Bedlingtons might get lighter with age. They are between 15 and 17.5 inches tall and weigh between 17 and 23 pounds.

Bedlington Terrier Temperament

The Bedlington Terrier is playful and upbeat, but is prone to overexcitement and hardheadedness. They have a tendency to be aggressive around strange dogs of the same sex if not socialized properly and, like most terriers, love chasing after small animals. They are highly intelligent and trainable, but they can also be territorial, and will bark at the slightest provocation.

Bedlington Terrier Fun Fact

One of the earliest known Bedlington Terriers, named Piper, gained fame for saving a baby. The four-month-old was reportedly left unattended when a pig came charging. Piper held the pig at bay until help arrived.

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