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Beagle General Appearance

The Beagle is the most popular breed of hound. They’re on the smaller side and weigh between 18 and 30 pounds. They are between 13 to 15 inches high at the shoulder. They have a short coat that sheds year-round, but most intensely during the spring and summer. Weekly brushing is enough to keep their coat neat. Beagles are usually white and tan with a black “saddle” area (that’s a circular space on the dog’s back and sides.)

Beagles have broad, drooping ears and an erect tail. The muzzle is straight and square.

Beagle Temperament

Beagles are famously playful and friendly. While they make fantastic family and companion dogs, owners should be prepared for their high energy levels. Though they are small, they were originally hunting dogs and need lots of outdoor time to run. Poorly exercised Beagles are prone to separation anxiety, barking, and destructive behaviors.

Owners should also be prepared for their stubbornness. Beagle puppies are trainable, but it becomes much more difficult when the dog reaches maturity. Training should begin early in life. Like other breeds with a reputation for stubbornness, Beagles respond better to positive reinforcement in order to program desired behaviors.

Beagle Fun Fact

Hounds like the Beagle have one of the longest known lineages of any dog breed. They can be traced back to ancient Greek times. The 5th century B.C. military leader Xenophon wrote a book called Cynegeticus, or “On Hunting,” that described how hounds used their sense of smell to help hunters track rabbits.