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Australian Cattle Dog General Appearance:

The Australian Cattle Dog has a strong, medium-sized build, a broad skull, a medium-length muzzle, oval, dark brown eyes, medium-sized ears that are set apart and moderately pointed, scissor-like teeth, muscular shoulders, and a low tail with a mild curve. Their smooth, flat, short coat is typically white with a mottled or pattern of brown or black hair — giving the Australian Cattle Dog's coat a red or bluish hue. Cattle Dogs stand 17 to 20 inches tall and weigh 33 to 50 pounds. They don't shed much beyond the shedding period, so they require minimal grooming.

Australian Cattle Dog Temperament:

As with other working dogs, the Australian Cattle Dog is strong, playful, intelligent, and independent. They respond well to structured training and need a human companionship and a job — like herding, tracking, learning tricks, or playing dog sports — to be happy. The Cattle Dog's high-pitched bark and protective nature make them excellent guard dogs.

Australian Cattle Dogs form strong attachments to their owners, rarely leaving their owner's side. They are naturally reserved around strangers but can be socialized to be comfortable around new people, kids, and other dogs. The Cattle Dog was bred to herd livestock by biting, so it's known to nip running children.

Australian Cattle Dog Fun Fact:

Australian Cattle Dogs got their nickname as the "Red Heeler" or "Blue Heeler" because of their coat color and their practice of nipping slow-moving cattle at their heels. They're sometimes called the "Queensland Heeler" if they're bred in Queensland, Australia instead of New South Wales.

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