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Afghan Hound General Appearance:

Afghan Hounds are famous for their beauty. Their aloof expression, thin build, and long, flowing coat gives them a dignified appearance. But their dramatic coat isn't just for looks — it actually protected their ancestors from the cold, harsh climate of Afghanistan's mountainous regions. Afghan Hounds have a long, narrow muzzle, ears that extend to the nose, almond-shaped, dark brown eyes, a long, arched neck, prominent hipbones, and a thin tail that curls.

The Afghan Hound, also known as a Tazi or Ogar Afgan, typically stands 24 to 29 inches and weighs 45 to 60 pounds. They're built like other hounds: they have powerful, lean bodies with large paw pads that act as shock absorbers. An Afghan Hound's coat color can be black, black and silver, blue, blue and cream, red, silver, and white. Many of them have a black facial mask. Consistent brushing and combing will keep their coat clean and healthy.

Afghan Hound Temperament:

Afghan Hounds are sweet, affectionate, and faithful. However, because they are independent thinkers, they can be uncooperative and difficult to train. Afghan Hounds tolerate children and other dogs, but they prefer to be around adults and other Afghan Hounds. They also have a hunter instinct, so they might chase smaller pets.

Afghan Hounds are indifferent, even standoffish, to strangers and other dog breeds. They respond well to kindness, patience, and gentle handling. They require running exercise and personal attention, so they can't be left alone for long periods of time.

Afghan Hound Fun Fact:

In South Korea in 2005, the Afghan Hound became the first dog to be successfully cloned!

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